1950s Longines Split-Second Stopwatch Cal. 24 line in 66mm (MINT)

ブランド Longines
モデル Split-Second Pocket Watch
モデル年 1950s
型番 Apr-57
商品番号 A-5970
Longines, Split-Second stopwatch, Cal. 24''' powered, circa early 1950s. Equipped with the Longines Cal.24 line, which has been improved to 10 vibrations during the time when 5 vibrations were only the norm, enabling more precise measurements. The C?te de Gen?ve and P?ralouge finishes, the swan-neck index finger, and the huge bursary stone are all beautiful features of this timepiece. The power and depth of a large, thick stopwatch movement can offer. The case is in excellent preservation condition, and the heavy case has some minor scratches, but there are no dents or loose hinges, and the dial has retained its luster and print. The crown and pushers do not rattle.


製造番号 8,278,***
キャリバー 24 line
機械番号 6,535,***
ムーブメント Manual winding
素材 Stainless steel
ケース径 66.5mm
ケース Snap-back case, non-waterproof
文字盤 Original
インデックス Printed
ベルト ---
評価 case 94%
評価 dial 95%
評価 mov 95%
コンディション 5
レア度 4.5


Case: Slight minor scratches and aging, but the case is in good preservation with no visible scratches or dents. The dial: slight aging, but still retains its print and luster. Movement: no problems with the winding and Chrono functions.