1940s Heuer Val-69 Stainless Steel 33mm Water-resistant Baby Chronograph Black Gilt Dial

Manufacturer HEUER
Model Baby Chronograph
Year of Manufacture 1940's
Reference no. ---
Product no. B-8476
This is a beautiful example of a very rare 33mm water proof baby chronograph with the popular black gilt dial. It is equipped with the world's smallest chronograph movement at the time, only 23mm in diameter. The 33mm screw back water resistant case, which is relatively large and rare for a baby chronograph, and the black gilt dial with its beautiful luster and intricate design unique to the 40's, is a gem of the era and a wonderful taste. The case size is not too small and the water resistant case makes it easy to wear. It's a great piece of jewelry in a great state of preservation, with a black gilt dial that retains a beautiful luster, and a water-resistant case with a sense of weight that doesn't show any case loss due to polishing, although there are some minor scratches.
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Item details

Serial no. 58,***
Caliber Val-69
Movement no. 200,***
Movement type Manual winding
Material Stainless Steel
Case size 33mm
Case type Screw back Water-resistant
Dial Original
Type of Indices Print
Belt non Original (18, between lugs)
Evaluation case 92%
Evaluation dial 93%
Evaluation mov 93%
Condition 4.5
Rarity 4.5

Other details

Case: Although the case shows signs of use such as minor scratches and aging, it retains its original sharp edges. Dial: Slightly aged, but very clean with no noticeable scratches or stains. Movement: unadjusted, will be delivered after adjustment in our store.