100,000 or more worth of item has a 1 year warranty
Less than $100,000 worth of an item has 6 months warranty

We offer a full warranty to ensure that you can be confident with your purchase with for many years to come. Products purchased from us (excluding consignment items) will be repaired free of charge in the event of natural failure under normal use, with a one-year warranty on items over $100,000 and a six-month warranty on items under $100,000. We will do our best to maintain and overhaul after the warranty period has expired but with additional charge. (Overhauling refers to the process of disassembling a watch into pieces for cleaning and examining the wear and tear of each part, and then reassembling the watch to its original condition.)

Regular maintenance is a necessary part of daily use of a mechanical watch. The presence or absence of oil at the points of friction between parts can greatly affect the condition of a machine.

During normal use, oil deterioration and oxidation usually occurs in about three to five years depending on the storage conditions. For example with the humidity unique in Asia, it can cause deterioration of various parts and components of watches. For these reasons, regular checks are necessary.