1938 Rolex Rare Oyster "Centregraph" with Gayfreres Bracelet

Manufacturer ROLEX OYSTER
Year of Manufacture 1938
Reference no. 3462
Product no. A-5843


Rolex Oyster, Zerograph, "Centregraph", water-resistant, circa 1938.

This is the first water-resistant chronograph made before the early waterproofed chronographs such as Ref.3525 and Ref.3668 were introduced. It is a rare piece that was produced for only a few years in the late 1930s as a waterproof watch specialized in stopwatch functions such as flyback function and measurement up to 12 hours by setting the hour and minute hands to exactly zero. The matte white dial with a red second hand shows "ROLEX OYSTER" in an arched shape, and the turned bezel Oyster case with a mid-crown is reminiscent of the Oyster case of the same age. It comes with a precious Gayfreres expansion straight bracelet (for wrist sizes up to 20.5 cm).
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Item details

Serial no. 121.***
Caliber 2010/1/2
Movement no. ---
Movement type Manual winding
Material Stainless steel
Case size 29.5mm
Case type Screw back water proof
Dial Original
Type of Indices Print
Belt non Original (15mm, between lugs) / Gayfreres
Evaluation case 93%
Evaluation dial 94%
Evaluation mov 94%
Condition 4.5
Rarity 5

Other details

Case: Slightly scratched and aged, but still retains its original voluminous case shape.

Dial: slightly aged, but in good condition with no discoloration or peeling prints.

Movement: no problems with winding, screwing, or chrono functions. Accuracy is around 50 seconds per day.