Rolex, Baby Chronograph, rare square case, silver sector dial with roman indexes, 18 karat yellow gold, circa 1940s. This is one of the rarest Baby Chronographs with a square case. The dial has a shiny silver base with a snail tachymeter (in blue) and a wonderful sector design with 369,12 Roman and gold mirror printed bar indexes. It is a very valuable gem that has an overwhelming sense of presence beyond the size of the sector dial, which has also a? sense of volume and a wonderful design only possible with a square design, despite of its small dial size of 25.5 mm diameter. The bracelet is not original, but it comes with a 14k yellow gold bracelet with excellent design and texture (wrist size=18~18.5cm). The watch has been well preserved, with a clear iridescent oil film on the dial, and the precious square case still retains the hallmark and engraving on the back.