1930s Eberhard Early One-Push Chronograph Two-Tone Snail Dial in 40mm Staybrite Case

Manufacturer Eberhard
Model Chronograph
Year of Manufacture 1930s
Reference no. ---
Product no. A-4937

¥979,000 (with tax)

¥890,000 (without tax)

This is a rare early model one-push chronograph with a two-tone snail dial, featuring the Eberhard Caliber 16 movement, manufactured in the 1930s. It is uncommon to find a one-push version of the early Caliber 16 in Eberhard, where two-push designs are more prevalent. The oversized case, characteristic of models with large movements, surpasses other brands with its commanding presence. The beautifully aged two-tone snail dial adds a magnificent vintage touch. While models with the Caliber 16 may feature a stepped bezel, the wide smooth bezel on this one further enhances its presence.

Eberhard chronographs are renowned for their unique features such as the impactful oversized case housing a proprietary chronograph movement, and the intricate and stunning dial design. These qualities, along with unmatched originality, design, and high quality, are highly appreciated in Eberhard chronographs.

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Item details

Serial no. 9,***
Caliber 16'''
Movement no. 9,***
Movement type Manual winding
Material Staybrite
Case size 40mm
Case type Snap-back,Non-Waterproof
Dial Original
Type of Indices Print
Belt Non-original (fix,lug width: 20mm)
Evaluation case 93%
Evaluation dial 91%
Evaluation mov 92%
Condition 4.5
Rarity 4.5

Other details

Case: Good condition with some minor scratches and ageing, but still retains its original shape and volume.

Dial: The entire surface of the dial has been aged evenly with good texture, and the two-tone dial has a good atmosphere.

Movement: The winding and chrono functions are good, and the accuracy is around 40 seconds per day.