This is an Italian-made, original custom order item exclusive to our store. It features a stylish silhouette, precise stitching position, and distinctive characteristics in terms of color and texture. The brown color complements black or silver dials, as well as colored dials such as yellow, and can be used with stainless steel or gold cases, offering versatility. The surface undergoes vintage processing, providing a unique taste that should enhance the charm of your vintage wristwatch like never before.

The sizes available are 16mm, 17mm, 18mm, 19mm, and 20mm. The 16mm size has a clasp width of 14mm, while the other sizes have a clasp width of 16mm. The thickness is 2.5mm, and it uses a spring bar mechanism. Please note that all straps are handmade and made to order. There is a limited quantity, and colors and textures may vary slightly, so please be aware of this beforehand.