1960s Cartier Very Rare Tank Basculante with Cartier Paris (EWC) Movement in 18K Yellow Gold

Manufacturer CARTIER
Model Basculante
Year of Manufacture 1960s
Reference no. ---
Product no. A-6547


This is a highly rare Cartier Tank Basculante model manufactured in the 1960s, featuring an EWC movement and crafted in 18k yellow gold. The Basculante, introduced in 1932, was designed to allow the case to rotate 360 degrees, enabling the dial to flip over, making it suitable for sports such as polo. The rectangular case combines practical functionality with Cartier's unique elegance, showcasing both utilitarian purpose and artistic beauty. It's a remarkable and valuable piece that exemplifies the groundbreaking models of its time, with enduring relevance even in contemporary models.

The watch is equipped with a beautifully angular movement based on LeCoultre, marked with the Cartier Paris insignia. There are also movements from the same era marked with EWC, likely indicating differences in specifications based on the country of distribution, such as the number of jewels.

The watch comes with a Bordeaux-colored fixed Crocodile strap made by JC Pelan (wrist size 18cm), an authentic fixed Crocodile strap (wrist size 19.5cm), and an 18k yellow gold D-buckle.

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Item details

Serial no. 51,***
Caliber Cartier Paris (EWC)
Movement no. ---
Movement type Manual winding
Material 18K Yellow Gold
Case size 20×38mm
Case type Snapback non-waterproof
Dial Original
Type of Indices Printed
Belt Original ( between lugs 16mm ) / Original 18K Yellow Gold D-Buckle
Evaluation case 93%
Evaluation dial 94%
Evaluation mov 94%
Condition 4.5
Rarity 5

Other details

CASE: Minor scratches and age, but retains original shaping and volume and engraving on the back. The movement of the case is also fine. The leather strap that comes with the watch is fixed and the wrist size is 19.5cm.

Dial: Slight ageing and minor scratches, but not noticeable to the naked eye, in good condition with good preservation of luster and print.

Movement: The movement is well wound and has an accuracy of around 60 seconds.