1930s Cartier 14K Gold Rare Money Clip Watch by J.Schulz

Manufacturer Cartier
Model Money Clip Watch
Year of Manufacture 1930s
Reference no. ---
Product no. A-6468

This is a rare Cartier 14K yellow gold money clip watch manufactured by James Schultz in the 1930s. James Schultz was an independent watchmaker in New York who worked with famous brands such as Tiffany and Cartier. Many of the watches he created were said to be custom-made, as they were distinct from typical watches in terms of design and functionality.This particular watch is a rare money clip watch from Cartier, incorporating practicality into the brand's signature beauty, such as using luminous material on the champagne-colored dial that matches the 14K gold case. It is equipped with a James Schultz-manufactured movement with beautiful finishing and features an engraved design.

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Item details

Serial no. 384,***
Caliber ---
Movement no. ---
Movement type Manual windig
Material 14K Yellow Gold
Case size 14×21mm
Case type Snap back Non-waterproof
Dial Original
Type of Indices Print & Luminous
Belt ---
Evaluation case 92%
Evaluation dial 92%
Evaluation mov 92%
Condition 4.5
Rarity 4.5

Other details

Case: There are some minor scratches and age-related changes, but the original case form is still intact and the clip spring is strong.

Dial: Slightly aged, but still retains its original print and luminescence of the radium.

Movement: The movement is well wound and the accuracy is around 90 seconds per day.