1930s Omega Ref.CK690 Unique Hooded Rectangular Black Gloss Dial in Staybrite

Manufacturer OMEGA
Model Hooded Rectangular
Year of Manufacture 1930s
Reference no. CK690
Product no. A-6552
This is an Omega Ref.CK690 with a hooded rectangular case and a black gloss dial that was manufactured in the late 1930s. The case is made of Staybrite and the crystal is made of light machine glass. The unique rectangular model has a middle case and a back cover that houses the belt attachment. The beautiful black gilt dial has a glossy finish and features a railroad track, indices, and logo that are all embossed. The entire dial has a rainbow-colored oil film, which adds to the exquisite taste of this watch. It is equipped with a Cal.T17 movement, which was used in many rectangular models of this era.
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Item details

Serial no. 9,045,***
Caliber T17
Movement no. 8,267,***
Movement type Manual winding
Material Staybrite
Case size 22×34mm
Case type Snap back Non-waterproof
Dial Original
Type of Indices Print
Belt non Original (18mm, between lugs)
Evaluation case 93%
Evaluation dial 95%
Evaluation mov 94%
Condition 4.5
Rarity 4.5

Other details

Case: Minor scratches and age spots, but retains original shaping.

Dial: Very clean with no visible scratches or stains. The entire dial retains an iridescent oil film. There are minor scratches on the glass that are not noticeable.

Movement: No problems with winding, etc. Accuracy is around 40 seconds per day.