PRIVATE EYES ORIGINAL 3-Row Straight Bracelet Type-Ⅵ

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Model PRIVATE EYES ORIGINAL 3-Row Straight Bracelet Type-Ⅵ
Year of Manufacture -
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Product no. GF6

¥22,000 (with tax)

¥20,000 (without tax)

We have recreated the texture and thickness of the straight bracelet from the 1940s as faithfully as possible. This time, we offer three types: matte, two-tone, and gold-plated combination finishes. Despite their small size, they are compatible with a wide range of watches, including the thick bubble-back and flat-back models, as well as the Patek Philippe Calatrava and the Longines Tre-Tacche 35mm. While the original had an expansion feature, we decided against it after considering the durability of the spring and the bracelet's thickness.

We offer straight tubes for the watch side in sizes 19mm, 18mm, 17mm, and 16mm. The bracelet length is up to 16cm, with a 1.5cm micro-adjustment available via the clasp. We provide free adjustment to fit your wrist size perfectly.

The stainless steel version is priced at ¥22,000 (tax included), and the gold-plated version is ¥36,300 (tax included). For adding links, the price is ¥1,100 (tax included) per link (length 11mm) for stainless steel and ¥4,400 (tax included) per link for gold plate.

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Item details

Serial no. -
Caliber -
Movement no. -
Movement type -
Material Stainless steel and YG Gold-plated + Stainless steel
Case size -
Case type -
Dial -
Type of Indices -
Belt For lug widths from 16 to 19 mm
Evaluation case 0%
Evaluation dial 0%
Evaluation mov 0%
Condition 0
Rarity 0

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