1960s Gallet Valjoux-72 S.Steel 37mm Water-Resistant Chronograph Rare Black Mirror Dial

Manufacturer Gallet
Model Chronograph
Year of Manufacture 1960s
Reference no. ----
Product no. B-10764

¥748,000 (with tax)

¥680,000 (without tax)

This is a rare black mirror dial chronograph with a waterproof 37mm SS case, featuring the renowned Val-72 engine by Garrett, manufactured in the 1960s. Unlike many Garrett watches that commonly feature Venus or Excelsior Park movements, this one stands out with its rare Valjoux movement. The dial is adorned with a unique mirror finish, with letter-print details typically found in Valjoux models, showcasing a beautiful black mirror gloss and luminescent paint that has aged gracefully, enhancing the multi-scale dial's charm. Encased in a solid screw-back waterproof case exuding a sense of weightiness, it houses the renowned Cal.72 movement, which has been adopted by many brands including Rolex. It's highly recommended as a vintage chronograph for everyday wear.
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Item details

Serial no. ---
Caliber Val-72
Movement no. ---
Movement type Manual winding
Material Stainless steel
Case size 37mm
Case type Screw back Water-resistant
Dial Original
Type of Indices Luminous
Belt Non Original (18mm, between lugs)
Evaluation case 93%
Evaluation dial 93%
Evaluation mov 93%
Condition 4.5
Rarity 4.5

Other details

Case: Good condition with minor scratches and ageing, but still retaining the original shape and volume.

Dial: slight ageing, but the entire dial retains its full luster of black mirror.

Movement: The movement is unadjusted and will be delivered after maintenance.