1930s Breitling "Art-Deco Chrono" Landeron 13 33mm Stainless Steel

Manufacturer BREITLING
Model Art-Deco Chronograph
Year of Manufacture 1930s
Reference no. ---
Product no. A-5855
This is a 1930s Breitling ss 33mm Art Deco Chronograph Multi-Scale Dial with the famous Landeron 13. This model is equipped with the Cal.13 movement, which is rare in Breitling, which is often equipped with Venus movements. The quirky hooded design, despite its small size of 33mm, has a strong presence, and combined with the multi-scale dial with its unique color, it is a gem with a wonderful vintage taste. The circle at the bottom of the 6 o'clock hood is not a flaw, but a hallmark that was stamped when the watch was imported to Portugal.
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Item details

Serial no. 354,***
Caliber ---
Movement no. ---
Movement type Manual wind
Material Stybrite
Case size 33mm
Case type Snap back Non-Water-resistant
Dial Original
Type of Indices Print
Belt non Original (fix,18mm, between lugs) / BONKLIP
Evaluation case 92%
Evaluation dial 90%
Evaluation mov 92%
Condition 4.5
Rarity 4.5

Other details

The case is in very good condition, retaining the sharp edges of the period. Dial: Beautiful original dial that has slightly changed with age to a more textured look. Movement: The chrono function is good, and the system is within about 30 seconds per day.